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Welcome to Wigs Directory. We offer categorized information to help you to find the products, sources and services for all types of wigs, hairpieces and medical cranial hair prostheses. Wigs come in petite, average and large cap sizes. The cap construction, type of hair and quality of materials will determine the cost of the product.

Medical wigs range from an assortment of easy to care for synthetic wigs to customized wigs from hair replacement studios that provide a full range of designing and styling services. They provide naturally appearing hair replacement options for men, women, and children in need of a hair prosthesis.

The synthetic medical wig is specially designed with the medical hair loss patient in mind. For patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, synthetic wigs are very easy to care for and will require very little time for care since the style has been set permanently into the synthetic fiber. Specialty synthetic prostheses also provide soft base materials along with non slip materials to keep the wig from shifting and sliding around. At hair replacement studios, a mold will be taken of your head to design a custom fit synthetic wig in order to achieve a good fit.

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Women's Lace Front Wigs

The Confident Reflections™ Series of women's wigs have been carefully selected for women experiencing medical hair loss.

Human hair medical specialty wigs come in a wide variety of prices and quality. They have been designed for patients experiencing any type of hair loss that is a result of medical treatments, chemotherapy or medical conditions such as alopecia. Specially designed caps for total hair loss are available. These prostheses have the comfortable light weight caps that are made with soft materials for sensitive scalps.

Some wigs can be custom fit according to the measurements of the head. Caps are available made with a thin skin material, mesh, monofilament, silicone and hand made front lace or full lace materials.

Full customized wigs can be purchased at a local hair replacement studio in your area. They can provide regular maintenance visits for you along with shampooing, conditioning and provide some additional styling services for the wig. A mold of your head will be taken to design a suitable hair replacement.

A vacuum wig is made from a mold of your head and is recommended only for total hair loss. The solid surface cap is made with materials that adhere to the bare scalp achieving a vacuum effect.

Fashion wigs can be worn over your existing hair. The majority of fashion wigs are machine made with wefts of hair on a stretch base that usually have a velcro or hook adjustment at the nape of the neck for fit. They come in a variety of styles, price ranges and a choice of human hair or synthetic fiber. The more expensive fashion wigs are hand tied with a combination of base materials.

For the entertainment industry, full lace wigs or hand made wigs can be used to create many different styles achieving a natural appearance. The lace wig is bonded with an adhesive or with a double sided tape for security. Many professionals in the industry find it necessary to change their appearance temporarily and this is easily achieved with the full lace wigs and the lace front combination cap styles.

Synthetic wigs provide ease of care with styles that come in a variety of lengths that are ideal for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. They are available in machine made synthetic wigs, hand-tied wigs, specialty hand made prostheses designed for medical hair loss and custom made synthetic wigs.

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